Veza Sur Brewing Co.
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Rob GreeleyRob Greeley
23:56 04 Sep 22
This brewery is awesome. Excellent tap beer selection, large Jenga game, live DJ, and great vibes. Food can be ordered at Peruvian food truck on premises…very delicious…all is a bit pricey but worth it. Free wifi.
Florian WeideFlorian Weide
12:30 25 May 22
While touring Wynwood, westopped at Veza Sur Brewery.Luckily it was happy hour andwe drank three rounds of theirown “Chopp” beer. Bothvarieties were very tasty andwe lingered on the patio forabout 1.5 hours.The location is outstandingand great for a relaxingafternoon/evening. The musicwas great and the locationwas also not crowded.For a total of 10 beers, we paidabout $30, which is a greatdeal for Miami.We would definitely comeback again!
Taya Pauline VoronkoTaya Pauline Voronko
14:51 17 Apr 22
This place had such a great, relaxing atmosphere, perfect for the late afternoon. We got the 3.05 happy hour special. The beer itself left a lot to be decided but the price is right. Iā€™d definitely come back to try their other beers, and my rating might improve to a 5/5.
Ashley EustisAshley Eustis
02:17 24 Feb 22
Great brewery with great vibes! I always make a point to stop at a brewery while traveling and I am so glad this is the one I chose when in Miami! Atmosphere was awesome, staff was friendly and knowledgeable and overall it was just flat out a good time!
Sam KeskeSam Keske
02:07 17 Jan 22
Feels like the most locally authentic among the Wynood-area breweries I’ve visited, even if they were created and are owned by a multinational corporation. Broad range and high quality. Fair prices for the area (although high vs anywhere else). They’re a small operation, so for once, just enjoy it without worrying too much about whose stock shares go up.

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Photography by: Veza Sur


Wandering through Miami, it's easy to get swept up in the glitz and the glamour, but there's a heart-beat, a pulse if you will, in the form of a remarkably eclectic brewery šŸŗ. Ah, where to start? Let's imagine a place where funk isn't just a genre but an essence that drips from the walls, wafts through the air, and most importantly, pours generously into glasses.

From the first sip to the 'we-really-shouldn't-but-let's-have-another' last gulp, every beer delights. We embarked on what one might call a 'hoppy pilgrimage', setting our sights on the intriguing blends, but let's be real ā€“ each was so tantalizingly good, resistance to trying them all was futile. On a night that seemed to grow busier by the sip, it was heartening to see the staff dancing through the crowd, always ready, always cheerful. šŸ•ŗ

For the young ones (and the young at heart), a zesty lemonade šŸ‹ awaits, perfectly capturing the spirit of summer. And if you're peckish? Oh, do strap in. The food truck, offering Venezuelan delights, is not just a sidekick but a star in its own right. Think of it as a gastronomic journey - one where every bite transports you, from crunchy edamame to succulent shrimp šŸ¤.

Amidst the commercial hum of Wynwood, this place stands out, not as a beacon but as a snug, welcoming fireside. There's a lively Mangolandia blend for those who like a touch of the tropics and an atmosphere that whispers of stories shared and memories made.

In a city brimming with options, if there's one place you let your compass point towards, let it be this. Here, you don't just drink; you experience, you laugh, you connect šŸ»āœØ. So, if there's one spot to bookmark in Miami, let the record show: it's this one.