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Nadia MNadia M
13:25 31 Jan 23
Amazing Aegean food restaurant! Inspired Turkish and Greek eats. Well put together menu, their portion size is quite generous for their mezze options. So when ordering take your time with each dish. We had their inspired Doya Spritz which was refreshing on a warm Saturday brunch time. Can’t wait to be back and try other flavors on their menu.Service was top notch and highly recommend making reservations especially on weekends. Glad to find this gem in Wynwood area. Can’t wait to be back!
Juliana EvansJuliana Evans
18:09 20 Oct 22
A very fun restaurant with excellent food and better service. All of the employees were welcoming and friendly. The food was delicious and prices weren’t too bad. We sat outside and the atmosphere was fun and tropical without being too pretentious. Highly recommend. The neighborhood has many options, make sure to visit here as you stroll the streets enjoying all of the amazing artwork and treats.
Tevi TateTevi Tate
02:51 19 Oct 22
Amazing Greek-Turkish inspired modern restaurant. Everything tasted delicious, they have a wide variety of wines and cocktails. Bursa was my favorite cocktail, Baklava tasted just the right flavor and the day’s special, Iskender, was the show stopper..
Angela DavisAngela Davis
22:05 25 May 22
Absolutely delicious. We did not have a reservation, but managed to get a table on Saturday midday after a 10 minute wait. We sat outside, which was perfect for how nice the weather was. The decor and vibe was so fun. Loved the Mediterranean tapas idea as made for easy sharing. We ordered the spicy cheese & tomato dip (not pictured) + the truffle pide + the doya kebab. Everything was absolutely delicious! Although a bit overpriced for the amount we got, we figured this is Miami and would definitely come again.
02:58 13 Feb 22
Went Doya for a drink and absolutely love the atmosphere and the drink selection. You have to try their national drink raki infused with anise star flavor. You may not like it but have to try it once. Can’t wait to go back and try their food. Turkish cuisine is one of the best in the world. Had a blast when visiting the country years back.

Video by: Doya


Stepping into Doya, one is gently lulled into believing they've somehow teleported into a leafy haven 🌿 hidden away in some enchanting corner of the world. The facade, a lush embrace of palms and plants, whispers the tantalizing secret: you've found Miami's hidden gem.

Upon arrival, the immediate seating hints at an efficient affair, but it's the warmth of the welcome that truly makes you feel you're in for a treat. A vivacious server sweeps over, not just serving, but guiding through the culinary tapestry with wisdom and enthusiasm.

Now, for the vegans out there – rejoice! 🌱 Your choices here aren't mere afterthoughts; they're symphonies on a plate. But it was the lamb of the Adana Kebab and the ruby allure of the beet hummus that truly sang to my palate. With tender lamb that dances with flavor and freshly baked bread that beckons you to dip into every dish, it's gastronomic theater at its finest.

It's not just about individual dishes but the experience. There's an art to their menu - the creamy swirl of Artichoke Puree, the impeccable craft in the Cabbage Kebap, and the sultry siren call of the Eggplant sauce. And as for the Pistachio Baklava, well, let's just say it's the kind of dessert you'd pen sonnets about 🍰.

In the vast culinary landscape of Miami, Doya shines brightly. Be it a rendezvous for two or a quiet evening of introspection with sumptuous food, the ambiance sets the tone for memories 🍽️✨. So, if you're charting a culinary map of the city, make sure Doya is a star on that map.