La Tiendita Taqueria
La Tiendita Taqueria
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ruth karina Zepedaruth karina Zepeda
09:59 28 Jun 22
Perfect place to have good latin dancing fun without the noise and crowd of a club. It does get packed so maybe an early dinner and staying for the music would be best. Catching a seat outside is not a bad option if you want to enjoy the music the great tasting food and be able to have a conversation. The food portions can be more generous for the price and a service charge plus tips definitely screams Wynwood but so not necessary. The Host totally forgot to come back and at least say we weren’t going to sit inside at all. Despite her poor attention we managed to sit by the window, heard the music, ate, danced and chatted.
Dani AcevedoDani Acevedo
17:47 26 Apr 22
This place is decorated beautifully. Definitely a nice place to grab a drink. The tacos al pastor were great and the guacamole was good aswell but I was not a fan of the service. We were sitting down for about 15-20 mins and no one came to take our order until I called a server over (the place was pretty empty). After taking our order, she never came back to the table until I had to call her over again to get the check. Little disappointing
Kay GibbyKay Gibby
01:02 06 Apr 22
The music and drinks are great. The food is good but portions could be better for the price. The deconstructed elote was not as warm as expected. The fajitas needed more shrimp compared to the peppers. The burrito had a ton of lettuce but not enough meat.Did have good seating and fast service.
Jonathan ChanJonathan Chan
01:14 03 Mar 22
Great taco place right in Wynwood!Inside or outside, it is pretty festive here with great decor. Expect it to be busy and with music.Plenty of drink options. Margaritas, draft beer, bottle beer.The food is pretty good. The pastor burrito was very tasty. The mean was and flavored very well. It was something to savor and enjoy for sure. The guacamole was fresh and good and well.The churros and ice cream was a nice way to wrap up.There is a standard service charge of 20%. They do list it on the menus. I’m just not a fan of this policy personally. Also, when you settle up with a credit card, it makes you think there is no tip. The receipts also suggest leaving additional tips from 3% to 8% on top of the 20%.Another observation was that the food portions were a little small compared to the pricing. It’s not much but noticeable on both ends.Would definitely come again with company for a good time during the day or night.
Preya DSPreya DS
01:34 31 Jan 22
Like the atmosphere at this taqueria. Food was delish but portions were on the smaller side given the prices. 20% service charge in addition to tips ??‍♀️?

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In the heart of Wynwood, there's this culinary corner that feels a bit like stumbling upon a secret garden of gastronomy šŸŒ®šŸ¹. Ensconced amidst vibrant streets, the place had a vibrancy that matched its surroundings, yet with the added warmth of a hearth on a chilly evening. With the one I cherish by my side, we embarked on a culinary journey, relishing steak tacos, and being quite daringly adventurous with birria burritos. Accompanied by the timeless blend of whiskey and coke šŸ„ƒ, the entire meal felt like a symphony to the senses.

Now, it's quite a treat to venture somewhere without a roadmap of expectations and be overwhelmingly surprised. The ambiance struck a chord of harmony between exuberance and comfort. And oh, the service! As if having a trusted guide navigating you through the dense forests of Amazonia, we were steered flawlessly through our dining adventure.

The menu seemed to be kissed by the essence of freshness, and priced in a way that made the heart and wallet equally happy šŸ’°ā¤ļø. The younger patrons of our party ā€“ with palates not always easy to please ā€“ found delight in chicken tacos and a guacamole appetizer that might as well have been crafted by the hands of culinary wizards šŸ§™ā€ā™‚ļø.

To sum it up, this gem tucked away in Wynwood was a delightful tapestry of delicious dishes, spirited sips, an atmosphere of allure, and a dash of family-friendly fun. Would we wander back to this spot? In a heartbeat šŸ’“