Lapis, Spa at Fontainebleau

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Discovering Lapis at the Fontainebleau was akin to finding a hidden gem 💎 in a bustling metropolis. My unwavering loyalty to my facialist had always been a fortress, comparable to the fondness for a favorite book 📖. Stepping elsewhere seemed a tad rebellious, but with the siren call of "girls just wanna have fun" echoing, I took the plunge.

Let’s delve in, emoji by joyful emoji:

  1. The snacks 🍇🥜: Not your run-of-the-mill spa refreshments. Here, each bite was a mini-adventure. Crunchy nuts telling tales of exotic voyages, fruits bursting with freshness—it was a spread that screamed elegance and indulgence.

  2. Post-spa offerings 🧴🧖‍♀️: Think of a treasure chest filled with all things divine. While some spas toss in the basics, Lapis went grand. Luxurious lotions, magic potions, and an array of amenities that was less about freshening up and more a full metamorphosis.

  3. Aquatic allure 🌊🏊‍♀️: Private Jacuzzis whispering relaxation, distinct sections offering bespoke experiences, and the showstopper - the ESSENCE MINERAL CO-ED POOL. Dipping in was like leafing through an epic tale, with every pool offering its unique chapter of bliss.

  4. The pièce de résistance 💅🧼: A delightful mini-facial set the stage, but the Mani-Pedi was where artistry met expertise. Despite my garden-tough nails, the spa technician conjured a miracle, melding skill with a heartfelt warmth that resonated.

Through this tale of luxury and leisure, Lapis doesn't just emerge as a spa, but as an odyssey 🌌. A realm of rejuvenation, an experience to cherish, a tale waiting to be told. Are you ready to dive in? 🍃🌺🛁🌟.

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