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Stepping into The Standard, you might find yourself wondering, as I did, about the curious balance of hotels and spas. Most establishments present a hotel with a spa lurking somewhere in the shadows, much like a surprise at the bottom of a cereal box šŸ„£. But here, the script is flipped with a delightful Brysonesque twist. The spa doesnā€™t just accompany the hotel - it seems to be its beating heart ā¤ļø, with the hotel thoughtfully stitched around it.

Now, thereā€™s Gustavo and George. The duo who seem to have studied in some secret school of masseuse wizardry šŸŖ„. My husband and I can attest to their prowess. Imagine, if you will in Wills-style admiration, a symphony of hands, oils, and ambient music šŸŽ¶ playing on your tired muscles. Truly, itā€™s a performance worthy of a standing ovation, or at the very least, a relaxed and satisfied sigh šŸ˜Œ.

The poolside experience was a culinary journey šŸ“, deserving of its own chapter. The lamb kabobs? Ah, think of them as little skewered ambassadors of flavor šŸ¢, waving their flags of delectable zest.

Yet, in this almost perfect symphony, a couple of notes went slightly awry šŸŽ¼. The vanishing act of water šŸ’§ on our second evening seemed a bit off-script. It mightā€™ve been a dash more palatable had the hotel, perhaps, considered a gracious little credit for our next spa visit. As for the rooms, they were akin to a reliable backdrop in a theater play šŸŽ­ - functional, if not slightly overshadowed by the main act.

But let's not stray too far from the crescendo. A day by the pool šŸŠ under Miami's sun šŸŒž, peppered with the attentive hustle of the servers, was the cherry on this sundae šŸ’. With every gesture, every check-in at our cabana, they wove a tapestry of service that one could only nod at, with both Brysonā€™s keen appreciation and Wills' hearty approval.

To encapsulate this joint-styled narrative with a sprinkle of emojis: The Standard is a novel experience in the bustling library of Miami hospitality šŸŒ“. It's not just a place to stay; it's an experience, an emotion, a story waiting to be told šŸ“–. And oh, what a delightful tale it spins! šŸŒŸ