Best Clubs In Miami

Miami, where the sun tan lines are hotter than the salsa dancing and the only thing hotter than the weather is the club scene. From South Beach to Little Havana, people travel from all corners of the world to party with the beautiful people and dance the night away. The options in Miami entertainment are limitless.

Miami is not only known for its nightlife and clubs, but also for its beautiful beaches and delicious restaurants.

So, when you’re done dancing the night away, be sure to hit the beach or try some of the top-rated restaurants in Miami for a truly complete Miami experience. Oh, and if you’re looking for a good seafood spot, just remember: “Miami seafood so fresh, it still has sand on it!

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Stay tuned as our selection of Best Miami clubs is constantly evolving, as new hotspots are always emerging.


LIV has been leading the pack in Miami’s club scene since it debuted in 2008 as the crown jewel of the Fontainebleau Hotel’s unknown billion- bone addition. With top- league gift( Skrillex and Bieber formerly performed in the same weekend) and insane six- figure bottle service( Mark Cuban allegedly dropped further than 100 grand on a single bottle of champagne in 2013), LIV snappily showed the escapism world that Miami’s stylish days aren't in the history. “ Our grand opening was for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show and, each night since, we ’ve continued to change product and produce a new party on a nocturnal base, ” says proprietor David Grutman

LIV Miami Socials


Prepare to be wowed as you walk through the beautifully repaired lobby of the EDITION on Miami Beach. But do n’t get distracted. Make a left wing and head down the stairs until you reach Basement, the ultra hipsterism café nestled underground. Indeed though it’s just a many times old, Basement has snappily come one of the hottest clubs on Miami Beach. And its success is thanks to one big, various thing personality. Bowling at Basement utmost clubs have a cotillion bottom. Many clubs have a bowling alley. But Basement isn't like utmost clubs, to say the least. The club has four technicolor blowing lanes that are a popular magnet for patrons. The lanes are open Thursday through Saturday. Guests can enjoy drinks and music while they roll and you can reserve your own lane at Basement’s website. Skating at Basement And just in case bowling is n’t your thing, Basement boasts another popular magnet an inner skating rink. We do n’t have a lot of those in Miami. The,000 square bottom rink is available to club guests and skates are available to rent. The ice frequently feels like a small club itself, lighting up in different tones of neon like an old academy disco. And do not worry people will not laugh when you eat it. Music at Basement The Anchorpeople at Basement infrequently fail to impress. On the weekends you ’ll hear a good quantum of hipsterism- hop and open format in addition to some good ol’ Miami house music. The cotillion bottom is big and generally full of persuading, beautiful people. sometimes, big names stop by. Carl Cox, Talib Kweli and further have performed.

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E11even is much further than a strip club thanks to huge music bookings, crazy lights and live upstanding acrobatics. But the24/7 escapism drive has enough characteristics of a strip club that it's also technically not not a strip club. For illustration, there are topless hop — numerous of them — swinging around on poles, collecting bone bills in thongs that leave little to the imagination. Private balls are available upstairs too.

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Floyd has taken over the former Libertine space and introduced an elevated after- hours experience to the neighborhood’s24/7 party circuit. As the retired companion to Miami’s most ignominious EDM spot, Space, Floyd stands in discrepancy to theover-the-top megaclubs that compass it — suppose chandeliers rather of spotlights and amalgamations over Redbull. It gets enough cotillion - y on the weekends but you can find some jazz then sometimes and other programming outside of Anchorpeople. The stylish part? It’s open just as late as the other guys and it's got lounges for plenitude of late- night moping.

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As if LIV were n’t enough, David Grutman also runs another Goliath of Miami Beach escapism the,000- forecourt- bottom club with 60- plus personality- tables given as Story. He bought it about five times ago after it failed spectacularly as a conception called Amnesia. getting his own competition sounded like a questionable business plan at first, but it proved wise and Miami ‘s time-round tourism allows Story to thrive just four long hauls south of LIV. There has been no deficit of memorable moments then over the times, and Mo Garcia, Grutman’s longtime business mate, runs through them with the insouciance of a man who’s seen it all The Miami Heat celebrating the platoon’s 2013 NBA Championship in the personality section; Drake stage- diving from the DJ cell; Justin Bieber singing “ Happy Birthday ” to Grutman. Garcia says Story’s staying power comes from a blend of gift and treatment. “ The people we bespeak and the great energy of the room keeps Story at the top. ” lately, in keeping with LIV’s ignominious Sunday- night hipsterism- hop party, Story introduced its own grand Sunday bash a Latin conception that has pulled in Latin Grammy – winning artists similar as Farruko and Don Omar.


 Celebrating 15 times of fabulous after- hours moments, an evening- turned- to- day on Club Space’s Terrace is a veritable ritual of passage. Thanks to a 24- hour liquor license, roisterers frequently dance through daylight, exiting into evening. The first bottom keeps heavy with hard- hitting trap and bass artists of the loftiest quality, but it’s the upstairs sundeck that gives this place its character. Over there, partyers watch the daylight while dancing to marathon sets from some of the biggest names in house and techno music.

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 Still, you ’d see it as a scourged and wanton 22- time-old man, sluggishly buttoning his shirt to show you the stylish South Beach has to offer, If you were suppose about Twist as a mortal being. While clubs like Salvation have come and gone, Twist remains the place for any gay man in city to end his night. Two situations and seven bars make this a must- visit — you can bar- hop without ever having to step outside the demesne. And the abundant drink specials make the nights sail easily! Do n’t forget to stop at the reverse Bungalow Bar to witness the go- go boys whose dark skin and bulging pecs will impress indeed the most tense of your gurls. There’s no real dress law, but there's a night for every type, from Sabroso Thursdays with Sazon Latino to Pusilla’s undergarments Contest which, if you ’ve got what it takes, will score you a$ 100 bar tab. As they say at Twist ” noway a cover, always a groove!"


And the award for stylish café name goes to! This spot on the sand is consummately decorated, lined from ceiling to bottom with gold- painted mail videotapes and a cotillion bottom outgunned with a glowing flying goblet for a light institution. Designed more for dancing than sitting( hence the name), it's packed tight and kept veritably dark, except for those moments the institution flashes and illuminates everything around you. incompletely possessed and operated by internationally renown MC- patron Behrouz and Electric Pickle’s Will Renuart, Do Not Sit has earned a character for top- league guest acts and underground sensibilities — no personality allowed.

Do Not Sit On The Furniture Socials

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A new center of graveness on North Miami Avenue, the Oasis swung for the walls when it opened as a mongrel inner/ out-of-door bar, club, music venue and food hall. With multiple areas to cotillion , chesterfield in the turf, snare drinks or grub and vibe out, it’s an ideal spot for groups. Check the events schedule for weekends and late nights, when the Oasis can get swarmed. Anchorpeople like Tiesto and Honey Dijon have formerly graced the stage, and Travis Scott hosted his Rolling Loud after- party then.


Located in Coral Gables off Bird Road, Playmates has stepped up its game in recent months under new power. It’s further of a laidback and approachable party vibe then, but you can still anticipate bottle service, a personality room, a full kitchen, hookah and, of course, friendly, completely raw hop.

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Coyo Taco’s Alan Drummond and Sven Vogtland are behind this 10,000 square foot indoor/outdoor complex. In addition to Wynwood’s only record store, Lucky Records, 1-800-Lucky is home to an Asian marketplace with seven different food vendors serving various cuisine—from Chinese barbecue to fish-shaped ice cream cones. 1-800-Lucky also has a karaoke bar and a small theater available for private events. Oh, and don't forget the onsite convenience store, which sells all your basic gas station needs: cigarettes, Red Bull, etc.

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Your Brick experience probably depends on when you go. If you check it out while the sun is still out—perhaps a post-work happy hour—then you'll find a relaxed atmosphere. The crowd, trendy and young, sip beer and cocktails in the sun (Brick is almost entirely an outdoor bar). If you head over on a weekend night, the atmosphere is decidedly more intense. Brick becomes a hip-hop dance party that sometimes has a line stretching out the door.  

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Nightlife mogul Chris Paciello has launched the previously named Rockwell Miami nightclub under its new name: Vendome. Taking inspiration from Place Vendôme (one of the most exclusive, expensive, and luxurious areas in Paris) Vendome strives to live up to its moniker with its high class design and curated experiences. Vendôme combines the feeling of Los Angeles, the music of New York, and the high energy of Miami to create the ultimate nightlife destination. Continue Reading:

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Mynt Lounge is infamous in South Beach and known for drawing in its share of high-profile, VIP, and celebrity guests. The modern and luxury style décor create an opulent and lavish space where the energy is high, and the possibilities seem endless. House music and the top hits of the day are played in an open format to a crowd of dancing partiers under high tech LED fixtures. Bright strobe lights hanging from the ceiling provide a flickering glimpse into the Miami party scene. The lounge is equipped with a full bar which is ready to accommodate every taste bud, but this VIP nightclub specializes in customer satisfaction with its elite table service. The dress code is strict so dress to impress if you want to pass one of the most stringent door policies in the area. Mynt sometimes holds special events over the weekend that include live entertainment and guest star DJs.

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Treehouse is a two-room house and techno joint which hosts the ultimate clubbing institution on Miami Beach. With their kitschy decor and wild clientele, Treehouse creates an atmosphere much like that of an out-of-hand house party. The venue brings all good vibes with the best deep house and techno format in Miami and regularly features Romanian minimal house stars [a:rpia:r] Rhadoo, Raresh, and Prasle as well as selectors like Cassy, Matt Tolfrey and Scuba. They have a super low key and a casual atmosphere. At Treehouse there is no need for fancy attire. All you really need are a pair of comfortable dancing shoes if you ever wander out to the AstroTurf carpeting in the backyard.

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Mr. Jones is one of the more classy and upscale clubs located in Miami Beach. Although it is smaller than many of the other clubs on this list, Mr. Jones’ strong sound system and well designed and intimate interior gets its share of the beautiful and the rich. Big name DJs regularly grace the venue along with the talented local selection. Known for its homage to house and hip-hop music, Mr. Jones is the newest “it” spot to see and be seen in Miami Beach.

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Located in the heart of Miami’s Art district, MAD CLUB features an exquisite interior design combining glamour, art, and an unpredictable entertainment concept that will bring the most exciting hive to your night out scene.

You won’t find that Wynwood bar staple — a big craft cocktail menu — either. No mixologists here. Instead, Mad Club will offer up the basics along with bottle service.

The club will be open on Fridays and Saturdays only, at least for now. DJ Anastasia and DJ Walgee perform on Fridays, but themed nights will feature other local Miami DJs, like DJ Nicole from The Dirty Rabbit.

“We were ready to add something truly unique and eccentric to the Wynwood neighborhood,” said owner and creative chief officer Andres San Martin in a statement. “It’s our mission to provide an experience that not only speaks to the lifestyle of Miami, by showcasing extravagant design and a vibe like no other.”