Versailles Miami
Great restaurant with great food! Also check out the great bakery and the coffee place, the Flan is fantastic! However, since the place is so popular, plan your meal ahead – normally there is always a queue and you have to wait quite long. We loved it there- 10/10!
Farhad NizamuddinFarhad Nizamuddin
21:56 29 Dec 22
Great restaurant and excellent customer service. There are lots of yummy treats to pick up at the bakery. The coffee is great. The lineup moves quickly and efficiently. We went on a day when the funeral service for the owner was taking place that day. He did a great job for the community and opened up a great restaurant that will be there for years to come. The love of the employees can be seen in this restaurant/bakery.
Larry AdresLarry Adres
02:42 15 Dec 22
Had a 5pm dinner on a Wednesday night and there was no wait and the restaurant was maybe half full. Waited a while to order and service overall was on the leisurely side. The restaurant may be “The World’s Most Famous Cuban Restaurant” but the food wasn’t so much. Maybe we didn’t order the right dishes but it didn’t live up to the hype. The chicken soup and shrimp cocktail were good but the Roast Pork Cuban Style was on the dry side and the Chicken & Yellow Rice was just OK. Prices were very reasonable but we expected better tasting food & service based on the stellar ratings.
Alex LopesAlex Lopes
18:03 21 Nov 22
So, so good! It is a bit of a mix between traditional and touristy, but there seems to be enough locals to justify a visit due to the quality of the food. Architecture is grand and stylish, with a lot of interesting decorative touches. Service was very good and efficient but notice that some folks might have a bit of trouble with English. The food was great and a very, very good value. Everything we ordered was good and plentiful. The Sangria pitch had a very good price and was a great addition to the meal. The Roast Beef Tongue was delicious. It is so hard to find well-done tongue in the US so definitely worth ordering it.
Jason BrownJason Brown
17:07 04 Jan 22
Excellent Cuban restaurant. We were recommended to come here while in town the week of Christmas by a friend of my wife. Very family friendly and busy! Food was great and came fairly quickly. I even had to order me a Cuban sandwich to go and that thing came in clutch about midnight when I was hungry again. I definitely recommend Versailles if you’re in the area. There is a bakery next door by the same name. It looked amazing too. It definitely has that old school vibe to it.

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Versailles Restaurant boasts being the best Cuban restaurant in the world. It serves tasty Cuban cuisine and culture to the South Florida community and tourists from around the world. After opening in 1971, Versailles quickly became the unofficial town square for Miami's Cuban exiles. Even today, it remains the unrelenting heartbeat of the Cuban community. Versailles is known for their large menu and their flavorful Cuban food. If you’re looking for a traditional Cuban meal, this is the place to go.


The Ropa Vieja here is incredibly succulent and flavorful. The beef tastes so tender that you can practically hear it melt in your mouth, while their homemade tomato based sauce adds an incredible depth of flavor.

Dont leave without trying the Rum tres leches! It is probably one of the best things that you could ever put in your mouth. There's nothing better, It's sweet, creamy, and absolutely divine.

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