Vendôme Miami
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Michaela LoveMichaela Love
06:46 22 Jan 23
Omg If you’re black please don’t go!!! I was scammed the workers were very rude to me. And they only allowed white girls in the club. Yep young ones at that! How could y’all turn away all the black girls when u booked a black celebrity to perform. So confused! I want my money back I will never come back to Miami Fl again!
Olivia WOlivia W
02:45 24 Dec 22
The strangest nightclub I’ve ever been to and I’ve been to a lot. Basically it’s tables of promoters and girls they bring.. there are just a bunch of girls sitting around tables and there’s no area to dance. Not sure how the club makes money because there are no guys. Also they turn girls away if they don’t look look like how they want them to which is really gross
18:26 11 Sep 22
Have to say out of all the clubs Too all over the world this is definitely the worst club out of them all. I booked a table I gave the bottle girl the money for the table counted it in front of her she counted it told me the amount 1,520 told her yes she left came back and said she counted it again and it was 1,420 that I shorted her 100 dollars which was not true I asked for a refund cancel the table when I went to get a drink at the bar the manager said I couldn’t that he wanted me out. My girl was in the bathroom he wanted me to wait outside the club until she came out I refuse I told him I was not going outside without my girl
Liv BrooklynsLiv Brooklyns
05:58 28 Aug 22
Incredibly racist club, if not the most racist club in South Beach. You will be turned away if you are black and completely fit the dress code. If you aren’t black, feel free to wear sneakers, jeans, or sandals and it is permitted. They will turn you away even if you spent 1500 on a table. Extremely dehumanizing experience. Again, if you fit the dress code, tip, and are black you will be treated terribly. It’s 2022. This needs to change or be shut down.
Mindy HassurMindy Hassur
07:50 21 Aug 22
Absolutely do not go here! A scam, absolutely rude and racist. While you’re on the beach we were approached by Rob and tricked into going to this club to fake happiness and dance. When we were no longer of use after an hour and a half we were aggressively manhandled and thrown out. We spent an hour outside trying to get our stuff that we had left at our original table. If you want to go to a club that disrespects females and inappropriately touches you, then this is the club for you. AVOID AT ALL COSTS

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Nightlife mogul Chris Paciello has launched the previously named Rockwell Miami nightclub under its new name: Vendome. Taking inspiration from Place Vendôme (one of the most exclusive, expensive, and luxurious areas in Paris) Vendome strives to live up to its moniker with its high class design and curated experiences. Vendôme combines the feeling of Los Angeles, the music of New York, and the high energy of Miami to create the ultimate nightlife destination. Continue Reading:

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