The Sylvester
The Sylvester
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Crystal GilbertCrystal Gilbert
03:43 30 Jan 23
I love the place! Seriously the best cocktails! The fact that they have vieux carres just makes me so happy!Service is always on point. The vibes is just so much fun and the music is always on point. Great place to celebrate a birthday or just have a fun night out with friends.
John GriffinJohn Griffin
06:38 28 Jan 23
Great vibes!Stopped by The Sylvester one late Tuesday night with some friends. The interior is beautiful, the bartenders and mixologists are awesome, and the music was fun. I love love love that they have plenty of seating. Comfortable, too! Really adds to the vibe and makes you want to stay a while.The Sylvester features creative drinks, but I was in the mood for a classic, an espresso martini. Theirs was excellent! I can definitely see why locals love this place.
Taylor FordTaylor Ford
02:15 12 Jan 23
Overall I think the Sylvester could be a cool spot with all of the decor and vibes inside, I think we just hit some bad luck. Our bartender was super friendly and welcoming and we appreciated that! But expect to spend quite a bit of $ on just decent drinks. We wouldā€™ve stayed for longer, but it was unreasonably cold inside (maybe because it was a slow night and not enough body heat) which was unfortunate šŸ™
Ingrid MirandaIngrid Miranda
15:37 21 Oct 22
Happy hour is great. The drinks are amazing. The atmosphere is very chill and welcoming. Only thing missing is food. Even if maybe they just added like finger foods. I think it would keep people there longer. They only have chips and salsa and not the best. But overall the place is recommendedJust wish theyā€™d consider adding some more options to munch on while you drink.

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Ah, Miami šŸŒ“, a sun-soaked dreamscape where the ocean waves beckon and the city vibes are as infectious as a catchy salsa number. Born and raised here, one could argue that I've had my fair share of mojitos and sunset-soirees. But if there's a watering hole that truly embodies the spirit of this vibrant city, it's the Sylvester.

Stroll in around the golden hour, say 5 or 6 on a quiet weekday, and you're in for a treat. The ambience is perfectly relaxed, the kind where you'd lose track of time sipping on their meticulously crafted cocktails šŸ¹. The "Smooth Operator" is, dare I say, an elixir that sings a harmonious symphony of flavors; a must-try! But the real stars here, beyond the liquid concoctions, are the bartenders. On quieter days, they're not just serving up drinks but stories, laughter, and a slice of Miami's soul.

Venture in on a pulsating Saturday night and it's a different kind of magic ā€“ one of rhythm, dancing feet, and the infectious energy of a night done right šŸ’ƒšŸ•ŗ. Perfect for those nights when you want to let your hair down and groove to the city's heartbeat.

Of course, for those who love a bit of Mezcal mischief, the takeover events are legendary ā€“ a heady blend of music, spirited pours, and an ambiance that is distinctly Wynwood šŸŽø. Just a word to the wise: the parking is a bit of a tango in itself, so be prepared. But isn't that the charm of it all? A place where every aspect, from drinks to parking, is a delightful adventure šŸš—šŸø. So, next time you're in town, do yourself a favor and bask in the Sylvester experience. Cheers to the stories yet to be told!Ā