Sunny Isles Beach

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Sunny Isles Beach straddles the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway and is tucked away in Miami-Dade County, Florida. Due to its location on a barrier island, it offers a laid-back beach town atmosphere, while being close to the bustling metropolis of Miami. White sand beaches and clear, turquoise waters are the main attractions of the city's public beach. 

In addition to swimming, sunbathing, and other beach activities, the beach is conveniently located just steps from the central commercial district.

 In addition to being a beach town, Sunny Isles Beach has a variety of recreational facilities, including parks, playgrounds, and a community center. It is also home to upscale shops and restaurants, as well as luxury hotels and vacation rentals.

If you're looking for luxury, Sunny Isles Beach is the place for you, where you can indulge in the finest amenities and activities the city has to offer, from world-class spas to high-end real estate. Sunny Isles Beach is a great place to unwind, relax, and soak up the Florida sun whether you're a local or a tourist.