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Amanda GellettAmanda Gellett
03:22 11 Dec 22
I can’t blame the staff for the issues because I believe they are simply doing as they’re told, but I think the establishment is poorly managed. The club is fine, nothing special, and the drinks are overpriced like any other club in Miami Beach. Apparently, you can only be served sparkling wine/champagne/Prosecco in a hard plastic champagne glass. Around 1am, I ordered a glass of bubbly rosé and was told that they are out of glasses so I’d have to wait (to clarify: the club opens at 11pm and doesn’t close until 5am, but by 1am they were out of champagne glasses). When I stated that I don’t mind the same amount in a plastic cup that they pour mixed drinks into, I was told “No,” as if this was an unreasonable suggestion. So, I stood at the bar waiting for them to get the proper glasses (I wasn’t willing to switch to liquor or beer). When some showed up, I caught the attention of the bar tender so that they didn’t give all the glasses to customers who were just now ordering as I’d been waiting for the proper glasses. I guess I did this too rudely because I got attitude from the staff. I got my drink, signed the check, and then, not wanting to irritate the staff whom I could see were busy and whom I assumed were following the rules/regulations of the management, I wrote a simple statement on my bill expressing my thoughts of frustration: The management is awful and illogical. When I went back for my next drink, I was told that I was “cut off.” The bar also would not serve the three friends I was with because the staff “knew” that my friends would just buy me a drink too, and I was meant to be cut off. Considering that I had paid quite a bit of money already, I hadn’t cussed at the staff, I didn’t cause a scene, I didn’t harass other customers, and I wasn’t sick anywhere in the building, I can only assume that my message was received by management and they retaliated. Therefore, proving my point of being awful and illogical. Just be aware that neither comment cards nor freedom of speech is respected at this establishment. Fortunately, there are plenty of other overpriced clubs in Miami Beach, so I won’t be spending my money at this one in the future.
Graff CorbyGraff Corby
18:08 10 Oct 22
Ultra high tech and immersive sound system, elaborate lighting effects, and multi-level stadium table sections, make STORY a wonderful place to see a performance. Beautiful lovely females provide incredible table service and security is top notch.
Brooke GeleinBrooke Gelein
18:14 09 Jul 22
This place was pure robbery! So to start you have to pay to buy tickets- fine. We bought tickets to enter. Then they shuffle half downstairs and half upstairs. The people upstairs had to pay $20.00 per person to go downstairs in cash or you had to stay upstairs all night.Husband bought a drink and a beer- $40.00Husband bought same drink and beer two more times from different bars in the club and each time was a different amount (not including the tip we gave). Then the last drink he bought by itself with no beer and they charged 27 dollars for the drink. They will charge you whatever they feel like so get ready! They charge you and pocket the difference.It’s insane how the same items cost different. The guys charging money to go downstairs- same thing. Pocketing the cash.Second time In Miami at the clubs and they all do it. I work hard for my money but I do it honestly and not by robbing people to rip them off.
Christian HoffmanChristian Hoffman
20:21 20 Jun 22
I went there Saturday 18th June.. DJ Khaled was supposed to be doing a set, ronaldhinio was there (legendary footballer) and Drake was there as well. With names like that – you KNOW it’s a high end club.Now I’ve been clubbing in a dozen countries, from London, to Budapest, to Thailand, and others. Most clubs will have a VIP area for bottle service, which is normal. The thing I personally didn’t like about story is that the layout is set up to get you looking in on the tables that cost thousands of dollars, and unless you are having bottle service, you can see you are basically surplus to requirements for the club and you are all dancing on the outskirts of the middle of the club where the ballers are with their expensive tables.It’s an exclusive club, so I get it. But it’s still designed for the wealthy and for the status of getting yourself those exclusive tables. But the music was great.
Eva Milstein-TouesnardEva Milstein-Touesnard
03:16 21 Mar 22
This was so fun inside. The design is also good but their process for entering is SO inefficient. It’s ridiculous. The VIP people go last after the general crowd is in their way. And they take FOREVER to fill it up which is rlly boring. I found that people weren’t super social here but it was a really great vibe. Would have probs been better if it wasn’t spring break.

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Video By: Story


As if LIV were n’t enough, David Grutman also runs another Goliath of Miami Beach escapism the,000- forecourt- bottom club with 60- plus personality- tables given as Story. He bought it about five times ago after it failed spectacularly as a conception called Amnesia. getting his own competition sounded like a questionable business plan at first, but it proved wise and Miami ‘s time-round tourism allows Story to thrive just four long hauls south of LIV. There has been no deficit of memorable moments then over the times, and Mo Garcia, Grutman’s longtime business mate, runs through them with the insouciance of a man who’s seen it all The Miami Heat celebrating the platoon’s 2013 NBA Championship in the personality section; Drake stage- diving from the DJ cell; Justin Bieber singing “ Happy Birthday ” to Grutman. Garcia says Story’s staying power comes from a blend of gift and treatment. “ The people we bespeak and the great energy of the room keeps Story at the top. ” lately, in keeping with LIV’s ignominious Sunday- night hipsterism- hop party, Story introduced its own grand Sunday bash a Latin conception that has pulled in Latin Grammy – winning artists similar as Farruko and Don Omar.

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