Nikki Beach Miami
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Dianne Domenech-BurgosDianne Domenech-Burgos
22:19 14 Aug 22
We had a great time at Nikki Beach and all because of Jewels the bartender. She was amazing. We didn’t have a reservation and they said there were no tables available.At first we weren’t going to get in but we insisted that we wanted to go to the bar and we are so happy that we did. We did the brunch which was $75 pp and all you can eat. I had crepes with strawberries and raspberries. My husband had pasta. They had waffles, omelette, chicken, brisket and other items. I had a poke bowl made with the ingredients I chose and it was so yummy. We celebrated my husbands birthday and she made sure we had a good time. The food was very good and the drinks were delicious! Thank you Jewels for making the day so special for us!
13:53 09 Mar 22
Beautiful beach club! We enjoyed lunch and drinks at the busy bar. The chicken satay was very good! The grounds are absolutely stunning! Ample seating, lounge chairs, beach beds, couches, etc.Lots of shade and space for sun, too. Gorgeous garden like atmosphere! There’s even a cute boutique on site! Highly recommended!
Min ParkMin Park
12:33 21 Feb 22
This is an iconic spot in Miami. It is on the beach and great place to go during the day or at night as the sunset. I was there for an event and food quality was great. Atmosphere was very unique and staff were very friendly. Plenty of space as well and recommend it.
Shayna MacklinShayna Macklin
16:31 29 Jan 22
This is definitely the spot to hit up on a weekend for brunch. Although we didn’t opt in for that because we had eaten breakfast and still so full, the food looked really good. They had live music and a saxophone player. The drinks we got were really delicious and the prices were extremely reasonable. We were very impressed. It definitely felt like we could’ve been on a tropical island somewhere.I also love the little clothing store they have set up. They had the cutest dresses and tops.Can’t wait to go back and actually try the brunch.

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Photography by: Nikki Beach


Stumbling upon this gem while sauntering around South Beach was like uncovering a little pocket of paradise tucked amidst the pulsating vibrancy of the coast 🌴🍸. An ideal alcove for some evening musings with friends or family, this place weaves a cozy tapestry of spirited chatter, clinking glasses, and the soft hum of a live DJ. For those on the prowl for the quintessential 'chill spot'—your search may just conclude here.

The drinks? Oh, they danced a delightful jig on the palate. While I can't wax lyrical about the food (an adventure reserved for next time), the ambiance felt like a beautifully penned ode to laid-back luxury 🍹.

A feast for the senses and the cameras, the decor seemed to narrate tales of romance and nostalgia. Those white and cream curtains billowing softly against the stark contrast of dark brown wooden furnishings felt like pages from an old-world storybook 📖🕰. And the verdant touches? They whispered secrets of tropical tales.

There's also this adorable nook of a shop, reminiscent of those quaint little stores you read about in travelogues, laden with keepsakes that beckon one's inner souvenir hunter 🛍.

Ah, and for the photo enthusiasts—every corner here seems to beckon with the promise of a picture-perfect frame 📸. From spontaneous selfies to poised portraits, it's a photographer's little wonderland.

In essence, if you're charting the map of memories, this place is a must-add waypoint. An ensemble of good vibes, great service, and photo ops that will have your social media abuzz. Cheers to many more sun-drenched afternoons and moonlit evenings here! 🌞🌜🥂

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