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Rocio OleaRocio Olea
21:25 02 Jan 23
This place is wonderful! We couldn’t find it and no one knew where it was and I loved that about it. Chef Kevin is great and Wendy is the sweetest and cutest hostess. The food was fresh and so beautiful. We met another lovely couple that night and the staff is wonderful. It’s more than a meal, it’s an experience well worth it.
James SmithJames Smith
18:13 07 Nov 22
My goodness. I have LONGGGGGG WAITED to make a reservation here, what better timing than marking the end of my 14 Year Miami Stint? Combine that with a good friend’s birthday and it’s a winning combination!!! Memorable, delicious, enjoyable, intimate, I mean – so so so worth it.Is it expensive, yes – but also of course it is! They are using the best of the best ingredient-wise and the service you receive is beyond top-notch. If you do not value experiences like this then you will think its “too expensive” but if you find life through food this is a “cannot miss” experience!The menu was diverse, intriguing, intimidating (at times), and quite adventurous. What a mix! I would not skip the sake, not at all – it was such a wonderful accompaniment to each dish! I won’t go into detail on my particular tasting experience as you can never be certain what chef will be in the mood for while you visit but just prepare yourself to try new things and be open to everything NAOE has to offer!
Loren CogswellLoren Cogswell
23:37 22 Aug 22
One of the best dining experiences I’ve ever had. I am a chef, formally worked for a 3 michelin star chef, and I’ve had the privilege of eating in some of the best restaurants in the world. NAOE is a special experience. The food quality and presentation is on par with the best restaurants in the world. The service is personal, professional, and thorough, without being clingy or pretentious. From the moment you arrive you are treated like family. Walking into one of the most expensive and most exclusive restaurants around can be intimidating, but Wendy the manager makes you feel welcome and comfortable immediately. The chef himself prepares every course and serves most of them himself. This again can be intimidating in some restaurants, but not here. They really treat you like family and make you feel as comfortable as if you were eating at your family’s home. They are happy to answer any questions and provide small talk throughout the 3 hour meal, keeping you engaged throughout. From what I saw they had 4 staff members including the chef and manager. They only serve 4 people at a time, so that’s a 1 to 1 ratio of staff to guests, which you won’t find anywhere else, which is a big part of the reason why you receive such great service. This is a must try experience if you enjoy authentic Japanese food.
Shirly GiladShirly Gilad
23:49 25 Sep 21
An outstanding experience! The flavors and textures so incredibly well balanced. The experience just beyond words. Thank you for a very memorable special meal.
Karl de BorbónKarl de Borbón
05:01 12 Sep 21
Different experience From all restaurants we have been anywhere else in MiamiA unique concept of limiting the number of guests to 8 persons per night! That’s mean an excellent and relaxing service with no pushing or rushing.The Japanese super kind chef choose and served us the varieties of food of all kind with full explanation of each dishes content and origin and how it’s made and that was a feast for the eyes, the knowledge and the stomachSome plates were good and only two was little salty and some was served in very small portionDisappointed by the quantity and portions of the food which I believe it should be more since we paid over $800 for two and still little hangry!Anyhow it was our wedding anniversary and my wife and I we enjoyed the dinner and the amazing traditional old sake and the lovely service and the kindness of the chef and the experience of being in almost private dinner with few guests only

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This amazing restaurant invites you to indulge your palate's cravings with every bite. Their fresh ingredients are elevated to be exquisitely refined in every way.


This amazing restaurant invites you to indulge your palate's cravings with every bite. Their fresh ingredients are elevated to be exquisitely refined in every way.


It is headed by Bravo’s Top Chef Season 13’s Winner, Chef Jeremy Ford. When the show was filmed, he was Jean-Georges Vongerichten's right-hand man at the Matador Room in Miami Beach. A Florida native, the 32-year-old chef also studied under Ludo Lefebvre in Los Angeles. He has been devoted to cooking since he met his maternal grandmother at the age of 14. 

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