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Tixxa (Tina)Tixxa (Tina)
17:53 13 Nov 22
i love mynt club in miami …. music atmosphere and lights are top … the bouncers are number one. I’ll see you soon
Stefano PappalardoStefano Pappalardo
16:51 29 Oct 22
Great club and lovely people. Spent a very pleasant night out
Naomi TeeNaomi Tee
20:00 14 Aug 22
Discrimination was 5/5. Was very disappointed by the management/staff. We were there right at opening ready to get a table and a staff member by the name of Ali said there was no space for us and that everything was booked even though we spoke to a mynt promoter through text letting us know there were tables left. Something wasn’t right so then we approached him and asked again POLITELY are you sure there are no tables. He then started yelling at us and stating that I was “investigating him” and questioning him… when all we did was ask about the table. Then I told him it’s weird because someone from mynt is texting us regarding a table for us to reserve so that’s why we asked he then said yeah well it’s a $1000…. And it’s in the corner… that’s still a table and all I asked him to do was confirm whether or not there was a table. It should be up to us if we want to sit there or not… He wanted to discriminate and maybe assume that we didn’t want to pay that?? All in all my point was to just be truthful about the table being available and it seemed like he did not want us in there.
Kāne WaialikiKāne Waialiki
14:43 24 Jan 22
Place used to be the place to be. I came back recently and times have changed. Yes it is still fun and the people are there. Make sure you bring your money. This place gets expensive. I will be giving them another shot. Staff wasnt overly friendly but again we shall see when I head back with my group. I will say you have to get a table otherwise whats the point?
Zachary ShapiroZachary Shapiro
12:44 28 Oct 21
My group of 5 spent 2 hours and about $1,500 on drinks here. Then I stepped outside for a phone call. When I tried to come back in, they were trying to charge me a $40 cover. My group came over to the front and explained that I was already inside and showed them pictures and videos from earlier that night INSIDE and proved that we’ve been spending money. Listen, I understand the staff didn’t see me inside, but after my group came, explained the situation, and showed them videos and receipts, this shouldn’t have been a problem. The employees at the front refused to allow me back in. We told them that we would just leave, spend our money elsewhere, and leave a bad review, and they said they didn’t care and told us to leave. The chick even said “it’s only $40” as if my problem is the money, when each round of drinks was $300-$400. It’s about the principle of trying to take another $40 after knowing it wasn’t right. There are plenty of places nearby that treat their customers better.The music and the bartenders were great, but the staff at the front ruined it for me. P.S.: Avoid drinks containing the sour mix, unless you want to get a hole in your stomach.

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Mynt Lounge is infamous in South Beach and known for drawing in its share of high-profile, VIP, and celebrity guests. The modern and luxury style décor create an opulent and lavish space where the energy is high, and the possibilities seem endless. House music and the top hits of the day are played in an open format to a crowd of dancing partiers under high tech LED fixtures. Bright strobe lights hanging from the ceiling provide a flickering glimpse into the Miami party scene. The lounge is equipped with a full bar which is ready to accommodate every taste bud, but this VIP nightclub specializes in customer satisfaction with its elite table service. The dress code is strict so dress to impress if you want to pass one of the most stringent door policies in the area. Mynt sometimes holds special events over the weekend that include live entertainment and guest star DJs.

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