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The Office is a popular strip club located in Miami that offers a variety of amenities and deals to its customers. One of the most notable deals offered by the club is the $5 Hennessey and Patron drinks that are available all night long. This is a great deal for those looking to enjoy quality drinks at an affordable price.

Another exciting deal at The Office is the $75 bottles that are available until 12am. This deal is perfect for those who want to enjoy a night out with friends and indulge in a few drinks without breaking the bank. Customers can also take advantage of the full bar and hookahs available at the club.

Ladies looking to visit The Office can enjoy free entry before 12am with an RSVP. This is a great opportunity for women to come and experience the club without having to pay an entry fee. The club also offers free parking, which is a convenient perk for customers.

In addition to the drinks and entertainment, The Office also has a full kitchen. Customers can order food and enjoy a meal while taking in the sights and sounds of the club. For those looking for a more upscale experience, table reservations can also be made. 

The Office is open from 8pm to 6am, making it a great option for those looking for a late night spot to unwind and have fun. With its affordable drink specials, free entry for ladies, and convenient location

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The Office
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05:27 28 Aug 22
The office is wack. I was with a group of 11 people and we were the first group to get in line when we first got there. After waiting a few minutes, we were about to get in until another big group decided to pay for the skip line. Once that group paid for the skip line, an endless amount of people decided to come and pay the skip line. We ended up waiting a whole hour until we gave up and decided to leave . The security guards kept trying to convince us to pay extra for the skip line but we weren’t trying to hear that when we were one of the first groups in the line. A lot of other strip clubs would at least let one person from the main line in for every 20 people in the skip line. These people don’t deserve your money. Go elsewhere. This business will waste your time
Nicki DixonNicki Dixon
09:11 19 Jun 22
Me and my girls came down from Indiana. We was on South Beach and someone told us to come to The Office. Let me say I AM EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED! Not one “stripper” got on the pole and stripped, all they did was twerk. DJ was trash. We was told a server would be over to our table for a food order, she never showed. Security on our way out would not let us take our FOOD we bought he said no food outside the club, it’s food Lmao i could see if it was liquor. Strippers were sitting. We made the best of it for my bestie birthday. However our bottle girl was amazing.
Nadia EasterNadia Easter
16:02 24 Apr 22
Very nice, intimate spot. Only 1 star because the DJ is trash tonight. Here from Dallas celebrating our sisters bachelorette party and we wish we could’ve turnt up a lot more. He played unknown artists and unknown music all night.. we wanted to see cheeks clap but were unable to due to the terrible DJ.The bartender was SUPER RUDE like she was being bothered. Strippers were sitting down due to wack DJ. Did i mention how wack the DJ & emcee was rude and wack as well. Bathroom Attendant was asleep or on drugs and didn’t offer ANY assistance. The stall i used didn’t have any tissue and she offered no help.Should’ve went to KOD 🙄
Latravia McleanLatravia Mclean
20:49 26 Dec 21
Hello I just wanna say that The Office was very entertaining. Last night had a lot of characteristics in the building very much unique. I didn’t get to order food but I drunk the water all night 4/10 for the water it taste like water implants . Y’all door girls was very nice that’s surprising, I think I knew one of the girls she left me on red on IG so it was good to see her my experience last night was a 10/10 beside the implant water can you guys switch to CORE I like that water . Security was 10/10 as well felt real safe secured .
Avery SaizonAvery Saizon
03:46 21 Nov 21
If you’re a tourist, avoid this club . But if you’re an avid traveler and want to get away from the tourist traps, and be around some real local people , with real local culture, and embrace you with the same energy you come with. If you happen to be on some snooty ish, u probably will be sent on your way!

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