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Bryann BrownBryann Brown
04:01 19 Jan 23
I was there on Saturday January 14, 2023 for my best friends bachelorette weekend. While the men are hot, a ton of fun and super respectful, I have words for the wait staff and house management.I started planning this weekend in Miami right after the bridal shower I had for the bride-to-be in October. I’m the matron of honor so I wanted this weekend to be incredibly special for the bride.I ordered a $300 custom cake during the first week of November for the bachelorette weekend during the second week of January. The chaos that ensued with this cake… I ordered it Nov 5th…. I called January 12th (24 hours before I was expecting to pick this cake up) and they couldn’t find my order… we ended up leaving for Miami late because the cake was being made that very morning. I drove it almost 2 hours to Miami and was told when we made our Reservation we could bring the cake in to LaBare with us and it would be served to us when we wanted it at our table… and then the cake was given to to a different bachelorette party.Fast forward towards the end of the night at LaBare and the bride said “hey we never got our cake”. I found one of the men dressed in a suit and asked him for our cake. Thinking back I feel like the staff was just hoping that maybe we forgot about the cake we brought because he immediately knew what I was talking about and said they gave the cake to the wrong bridal party. I made a point to keep it together as to not upset the bride and that is why I am writing this right now. He asked what he could do to fix it. I asked for a stage dance to be refunded, he made that happen. I also asked for the other party’s cake, he so underwhelmingly made that happen when we were served a $25 sheet cake from a grocery store. The night was going great until that happened. The bride was having such a good time and when I told her she was so disappointed. Disappointed in the staff and disappointed in the other bridal party that they didn’t say that the cake they were being served wasn’t actually theirs. We are now 4 days past the cake incident and the bride texted me today still mad about the cake fiasco. I’m not as mad about the mistake that was made by the wait staff as I am about the bride being upset over the situation. When you are planning something for months for it to just get ruined by an irresponsible employee is disappointing. Mistakes happen but, you can’t tell that to bride who’s been head over heels excited for this weekend for months.Pro tip: Do not bring anything in to LaBare with you.
Jaime WurtzJaime Wurtz
22:49 15 Apr 22
Not a good night. Chose to go here in February on our last night in Miami for a fun and SAFE girl’s night, it turned out to be everything but that. During a private dance with my friend inappropriate behavior occurred. It was reported to the manager and he stated the dancer was fired and would no longer work there. I was told by staff to stand my ground and did. It was Not a safe place for a fun night with the girls.Response to the owners comment:Google actually does not allow me to delete the review per your request as only the edit option appears. Though the review should not need to be removed as it reflects the true negative experience that was had. I am disappointed because I had high hopes for a fun girls night before heading home. I have requested a copy of the police report from that night. I’m sorry you are choosing to try and silence people. When updated, it posts as new and I removed specific details from my recall. The truth is, it was not a fun or safe experience and ended with one of my friends crying and going to the hospital. I removed details from my events of the night and will see what is listed in the police report. The situation is what it is and I cannot make it disappear. If you do not believe I was there or would like to actually hear more about what occurred please reach out and I can provide the name and cell phone number of manager on duty that night and pictures.
Shelby CaprioShelby Caprio
20:08 03 Apr 22
Absolutely Amazing time!!!! Went for Bachelorette party and the performances for the brides are extra entertaining! These men are sexy and really know how to dance and put on a great show! If you are iffy about a male strip club trust me this one is classy, professional and sooooo entertaining & Fun!!!!! We felt super safe and all of us left turned on 😉
02:43 27 Feb 22
I accidentally booked our bachelorette party for the wrong day but in minutes they were able to get things set up to accommodate us. Everyone was very attentive to us. The dancers were fun, different, hot and entertaining. Great place, not seedy and in a good location.
Jessy AponteJessy Aponte
17:13 22 Feb 22
LaBare in Miami was a great experience. From the staffs politeness to the professionalism of everyone in there. I normally hate male clubs because of how pushy they are but this place was not like this. The entertainers won’t push themselves on you and they dance pretty far from you unless you ask for a dance or you go up to them. So it allows a space for you to just chat and laugh and lounge with friends. Would deff recommend and would go again. Overall a great night and experience.
05:21 16 Aug 21
I had an amazing time here! Came for a bachelorette party and it was my fist time visiting a club like this. My standards for the future are now set so high! Everything about the visit was great. The waiter was attentive and helpful, the dancers incredibly attractive and very respectful which I appreciated immensely. I had the pleasure of meeting the manager Gino who was so helpful and caring with all my requests. All around a great time! I highly recommend for any occasion!

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Ladies, step into LaBare strip club to celebrate life's "special" moments in style! At LaBare, ladies 21+ reign supreme! If you're planning a bachelorette party, a birthday bash, or just a fun night out with the girls, LaBare has everything you need.

The party packages at LaBare will let you unleash your wildest side. Pay just $30 for a cover charge and enjoy free well drinks and draft beer all night long on Wednesdays and Sundays. Take advantage of the $10 cover charge from 8-9 pm on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays before it increases to $30 after 9 pm. The honorees receive complimentary admission and a celebratory bottle of champagne. In the VIP and bar areas, men must be 21+ years old, accompanied by a woman, and must be accompanied by a woman.

Enjoy a private show with VIP admission for a truly unforgettable experience. So why wait? Celebrate the most outrageous Wednesdays, thirst-quenching Thursdays, fun-filled Fridays, and sensational Sundays at LaBare!

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