La Casita Restaurant
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The best Cuban cuisine in the gables they are definitely the best very impressive from service to everything in the menu this restaurant is authentic ?? Cuban cuisine super delicious and really ? clean ohhhhhh !!?? desserts are the finest i really love coming here when I am in town as much as I can to enjoy this place it’s a hidden ?Gem in a little mall parking lot full of delicious cuban sandwiches and Everything in there Amazing? Menu they have a Master CHEFS that makes all of this possible with thier cuban secret recipes that creates this authentic and most delicious cuban cuisine dishes i have ever tasted ? I highly recommend this Fabulous ?? Cuban restaurant you would have to try it to believe IT your loyal customer DJ WHODENI MAGNATE ENTERTAINMENT
Ronda DrolettRonda Drolett
02:55 11 Oct 22
I wasn’t really feeling hungry so I ordered some vegetables and I’m pretty sure they were frozen and well cooked and flavored with some butter and possibly salt.I ordered some French fries and they gave a huge amount and they were quite tasty.My favorite thing was the rice pudding ? absolutely tasty ?One person ordered some roast pork,with rice and black beans and he seemed to enjoy that and the meat appeared tender.The other person ordered the beef, like chuck roast and that looked good and was tender.Everyone seemed to enjoy the food and the bread basket with Cuban bread toasted with garlic and butter.
Amy DKAmy DK
19:42 27 Jun 22
This was my first time trying Cuban food, and it did not disappoint! The food was very flavorful and well balanced, leaving us full and satisfied. I definitely look forward to trying more Cuban food.
PM RiddlePM Riddle
01:09 14 May 22
Visited Miami on business. I’m unfamiliar with Cuban cuisine. Had dinner at La Casita on the recommendation of the cigar shop down the street.This is a wonderful restaurant! Our waiter helped me with menu choices. He was a kind and patient gentleman.Attached photos of my meal. The other members of our group had various dishes. We were all well pleased. I dare say you couldn’t go wrong with any choice.I will say this. I would drive an hour for a glass of their sangria.Thank you for a pleasant evening!
David ChinDavid Chin
00:41 11 Jan 22
Last bite in Miami before the flight home, came here for lunch. The parking lot was limited for parking but the restaurant was very clean, bright and comfortable. The food was delicious! The service was friendly and accommodating. Definitely recommend a stop if in the area.

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This amazing restaurant invites you to indulge your palate's cravings with every bite. Their fresh ingredients are elevated to be exquisitely refined in every way.


This amazing restaurant invites you to indulge your palate's cravings with every bite. Their fresh ingredients are elevated to be exquisitely refined in every way.


It is headed by Bravo’s Top Chef Season 13’s Winner, Chef Jeremy Ford. When the show was filmed, he was Jean-Georges Vongerichten's right-hand man at the Matador Room in Miami Beach. A Florida native, the 32-year-old chef also studied under Ludo Lefebvre in Los Angeles. He has been devoted to cooking since he met his maternal grandmother at the age of 14. 

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