Historic Virginia Key Beach Park
Ashley PuigAshley Puig
12:58 13 Aug 22
I came here for the great reviews and photos that others left. Buut I did not see the same beach they rave about. Trash everywhere and not enough sand to comfortably sit. By that I mean it’s a small area of sand before the water. It was very dirty and many flies in the sand area did I mention the garbage? Maybe it was the date I visited but it left a very bad impression. Didn’t even know the water hazard (red flag) until I had already paid and brought out all my belongings. The $8 fee is non refundable and seems harsh if you only come for one thing in my case the beach. They have many tables, places to bbq, a park for the kids and a soccer field from what I saw. You can also rent to kayak but none of that was the reason for my visit. Disappointed. Hope your visit is better than mine. My best advice ask about the water and sand before paying if that’s your main reason for visiting.
22:59 27 Jun 22
Lots of people come here in the evenings to drink with groups of friends and the view is nice.. No real waves for swimming tho and lots of trash and seaweed. People bring music so it can be loud and also i think it’s a nice place to just go for a walk or a talk.
Gena Lopezlira AyalaGena Lopezlira Ayala
12:39 17 May 22
Great beach to visit and relax. This beach is dog friendly and has a couple of food vendors (hotdogs, lemonades etc) you might like. Parking is close by. I go during the week as it’s much less crowded. Nice view of the Miami skyline
Katherine WilliamsKatherine Williams
20:50 30 Mar 22
Free public park. Dogs allowed. Shallow water with no waves. Very popular. Walking/biking trails. Food vendors. It is a beautiful and calming atmosphere. Bring a chair and sit under the palm trees.
Nice area. Plenty of beach and picnic tables and chairs. You can rent kayaks. Food truck with snacks and smoothies. Sand/ground Could be a little bit cleaner but not bad for a public beach. $8 per car.

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Virginia Key Beach celebrates Historic Virginia Key Beach Park Day on August 1st, not only for its natural beauty, but also for its cultural significance.

During the era of segregation in the South, the black community played a major role in building and developing Miami, but was systematically excluded from its beaches. In addition to being accessible only by boat, Virginia Key Beach has become one of the few unofficial "colored only" beaches. Until 1945, the Virginia Key Beach was not officially designated for African Americans due to a protest led by Judge Thomas.

As a result of segregation, Virginia Key Beach quickly became a favorite gathering place for the African American community and also attracted new immigrants from Cuba, the Caribbean, and South America. As a result of high operating and maintenance costs, the park closed in 1982, but thanks to the efforts of the Virginia Key Beach Park Civil Rights Task Force, it reopened in 2008.

Explore the renovated bathhouse and concession stand or ride the rickenbacker train on the "Biscayne Virginia Rickenbacker Central." Not only is this a beach, it is also a piece of history, where you can walk in the footsteps of those who fought for equality, and feel a sense of community at the same time.