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Becky Lopez-SuarezBecky Lopez-Suarez
06:59 20 Dec 22
Went to a punk show at the Shirley theatre. I was impressed by the attentive bartenders, tight security & friendly/chill patrons. I felt safe & had a ton of fun. The bathrooms could be cleaner. Parking is hellish on a busy night but there are lots nearby.
23:17 14 Dec 22
Enjoyed a great evening with friends watching the Jamie Webster event. However did not enjoy the drink prices for such a laid back venue. $15 for a wine that usually costs almost half that elsewhere .
Miah JadeMiah Jade
02:25 18 Jun 22
I had a really fun time here (not from Miami) and think this would be a great place to hang out with my friends in the future. Definitely worth the trip – I met quite a few people here that were from out of town that agreed.Amentities: Indoor booth/bar seating, outdoor and indoor concessions, lots of outdoor seating, electric fans outside, at least two entrances with bouncers watching each, 2 DJ stands outside, bathrooms located inside the bar area, there are a few arcade machines near the entrances of the bar areaAtmosphere: Fun, accepting, and free. Be yourself and have a good time.Events: They hosted a Drag event on Thursday. They had 3-5 performers who were amazing and they had 3 rounds of performances with 30 minute breaks in between.Food: The pizza here is incredible. You can get it by the slice or as a whole pizza. Each slice is enormous and a great snack to stay fueled up while you’re partying.Music: Huge variety of music, from Abba to EDM, selected by the DJs
Midwest ReviewsMidwest Reviews
20:23 10 Aug 21
The drinks here are AMAZING. The service was on point. The bartenders are fun to talk to. I had a blast here. I came for happy hour, which was from 6-8pm, and the drinks were half off. The quality of drinks was superb and they only ended up being $6. This place is a must go if youā€™re trying to have a drink for happy hour.

Out miami business review

Video By: Gramps


Sauntering into this place felt like tripping through time, landing squarely in the heart of the jazz age, but with a modern twist šŸŽŗ. There's a pulse, a lively heartbeat, that reverberates through the very walls, occasionally peppered with the rich tones of live music. Indeed, it's a spot where the contemporary meets classic; think The Great Gatsby hosts a rock concert šŸŽøšŸø.

For the young and the young at heart, it's quite the spectacle. A space humming with the energy of a bygone era, yet undeniably in vogue. The spirited conversations, the clinking of glasses, the occasional bustle of dance ā€“ it's all very "now", and yet there's a touch of timeless about it šŸ•ŗšŸ’ƒ.

Then there's the olfactory adventure awaiting next door. While enveloped in this cocoon of music and mirth, wafts of irresistible aromas meander in, hinting at perfectly charred pizza crusts šŸ•. And boy, do they complement the melodies! There's a certain kind of alchemy in enjoying a zesty slice whilst swaying to alternative tunes in an outdoor setting.

Every nook of this venue whispers a tale. From the whirring fans that seem to be in a synchronised ballet, ensuring the place remains pleasantly breezy, to the very ground that seems to throb in tune with the beat.

In a world constantly evolving and darting towards the next big thing, hereā€™s a sanctuary that celebrates the present, wraps it in the allure of the past, and serves it with a side of delectable pizza. This is not just another venue; it's an experience, an enchanting evening wrapped up in notes and nibbles. Looking forward to many encore visits šŸŽ¤šŸ•šŸŽ¶