Grail Sports Bar
Ana TenoverAna Tenover
14:09 29 Jun 22
Tonight for date night I decided to choose somewhere we’ve never been that was on our list to experience. We took a lyft because we live close and planned on drinking, but there’s street parking available. The vibe is super fun, kick back, lounge sports bar and grill with a live DJ. The shots in the mini Jordan shoe are pretty cool because you get to keep the shoe. We collect shot glasses so we love the idea. You get to keep the regular size Jordan shoe that comes with 3 cocktails of your choice and you can even give one of your cocktails to someone else at your table to use. Now the food was awesome! We honestly wanted to try the entire menu, but decided we’ll just have to come back. Our server suggested the Tuna Tostada which was crispy, fresh and very fllavorful. Then we choose the Cauliflower mac and cheese and steak carbonara which were so good. Then finally ending the night with a Tres Leches Brule dessert that was the perfect. Kurt and the staff were very attentive, energetic and knowledgeable. We look forward to revisiting soon, especially for their Sunday Brunch!!
Alejandro IzaguirreAlejandro Izaguirre
03:08 18 May 22
I canā€™t completely give them 5 stars because A: the place felt a little off, no host at the entrance; B: waiters need to be more focused on what the customer is ordering, I received a wrong dish definitely not what I ordered.Advise: please focus a bit more, I believe you guys can do great. It is a beautiful place in a great location!
Kristie LoveKristie Love
16:02 24 Apr 22
#DateNight… I’ve been wanting to try this place out for a while, so, I figured, why not. We made reservations on our way there, and was glad that it was only a 10min wait. We heard the music as we were parking, and smelled the food as we were walking up. ***PROS***Great, great music. The dj was very diverse in the selections he played from r&b, hip hop, reggaeton, soca, etc. The atmosphere was delightful. The outside lounge area was where the party was. Spacious couches, greenery, tables, hookah, full stocked bar. ***CONS*** After we were seated on one of the couches, we waited about 20mins before anyone (waiter/waitress) acknowledged us, and believe it or not, it was a busboy that was cleaning a nearby table. He felt bad and offered us water, which we declined. About another 10mins, TWO different waitresses came and said they’ll help us, but made it clear that it wasn’t their section. After ordering our food, one good part was it was out in less than 10-15mins. We had to send back the cheese fries because it was full of bacon, which we specifically told the waitress to take off, but hey, mistakes were made because “this wasn’t her section”. Anyway, the ceasar salad was good, the lemon pepper wings didn’t taste so lemony, and the cheese fries was not a hit. We spoke with one of the managers (I forgot his name) who was so cool and understanding with our cons, was open to our opinion to how things can be better. And he appreciated and was grateful for all the pros we expressed about his thriving business. All in all we’ll probably return just for the music and the layed back atmosphere.
Toua LeeToua Lee
20:54 01 Mar 22
Cool sports bar. Atmosphere was awesome as well as the people and service. Good place to stop in and enjoy some drinks and appetizers.
Edward JohnsonEdward Johnson
16:59 01 Jan 22
Poke Nacho’s are insanely good. They didn’t have the hamburger dumplings so I guess we will have to come back. Great Nye spot. Good service and super chill.

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Photography By: Grail Sports Bar


In the throbbing heart of Miami, nestled amidst its vibrant lanes, is a little haven for the epicurean and the jubilant alike: Grails Miami šŸ”šŸø. Picture this: a night when the air is charged with excitement, where combatants face off in an arena, and you, fortunate soul, have chosen this very spot to dine.

Ah, reservation in hand, we breezed past the eager masses and found ourselves seated in a jiffy. Now, amidst the whirl of activity, the hubbub of chatter, there was Austin ā€“ the lighthouse in our culinary storm. Four hours might sound like a long dinner, but with every minute orchestrated beautifully by our server, time seemed to melt away. šŸ•°ļøāœØ

Quick, hot food in a bustling place? Yes, please! Drinks, like a good story, took their time, but were worth the wait. Now, if you're picturing merely a meal, think again. We punctuated our gastronomic adventure with some delightful hookah, and let me tell you, for the crowd and the price, it was an odyssey that lasted impressively long. šŸ’Ø

Beyond the hum of conversations and the clinking of glasses, there's another layer to the Grails experience ā€“ its beating heart, its ambiance. From the apparent stillness of the front, venture a little further and you're greeted by a garden alive with spirit and spunk šŸŒæšŸŽµ. As for the tunes? Oh, they were conjured by the maestro, DJ MKC. Every beat, every drop was a testament to his prowess.

In the corner, my partner, a purveyor of classics, relished the buffalo wings, washing them down with a cold brew. Around us, servers fluttered, their attention stretched by the eager groups, but their commitment unwavering.

If there's one place that captures the magic of a Miami evening, where sports, gastronomy, and foot-tapping music converge, it's this. So, if you find yourself in this city and hear the distant beat of music and mirth, follow it, and chances are you'll end up at Grails Miami šŸ—šŸ»šŸŽ¶