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Janae PriceJanae Price
06:16 12 Apr 22
We stopped in for drinks, but there was a afternoon party getting started on the patio with a live DJ. The drinks were delicious.
Mary GraceMary Grace
19:37 02 Apr 22
I came here for a World of Drum & Bass event during Miami Music Week and had a fantastic and memorable time!The indoor and outdoor spaces were great (although, more fans for the outside, please 🥵), as well as the incredibly sweet and friendly bartenders! Lake primarily took care of me for the evening and she was a beautiful darling. I had a male bartender in the beginning and unfortunately forgot to catch his name, but he had glasses and was just as amazing.Although they didn’t have any non-alcoholic beer, I made do with sugar-free Redbulls and canned water throughout the night.I also have to say that the staff did an absolute phenomenal job at bussing all the empty/abandoned drinks scattered around. Everyone was really working hard to keep things clean! Great job! Especially at how chaotic the atmosphere was.All-in-all, thank you for providing an epic evening with exceptional service – I hope someday I can come back and try the food!
Joe Lee OweJoe Lee Owe
23:38 28 Dec 21
Stopped in on a Tuesday afternoon, reasonably quiet but a nice vibe. I had a sweetened tea and kicked back in the open air courtyard. Nice staff, excellent esthetic. Good place to grab a drink and chill.
Alicia MAlicia M
16:58 09 Oct 21
The restaurant is very appealing to the eye once you get inside and they give you a huge thing of water with your cup if you ask for water. BUT Their Chicken Ceaser Salad? 😣 the dressing tastes so weird/off and the meat tastes old honestly.

Out miami business review


There's a delightful idiosyncrasy to stumbling upon a place that feels like a detour from the well-trodden path, yet offers such a rewarding destination ☕️🌿. This particular coffee haven, tucked away like a footnote in a captivating tome, has the allure of a secret only a few are privy to.

The coffee here is much like a finely crafted sentence - each sip structured meticulously, offering depth and nuance. The baristas? They're the editors, ensuring that every brew is a magnum opus in its own right. Their expertise doesn’t just stop at the beans; they're adept in the art of alternative milk alchemy too! 🥛✨

For the digital nomads and coffee aficionados, it presents a serene alcove, akin to the comforting nook one finds in a familiar library 📚💻. And should you be hungry, the avocado toast is a plot twist you didn’t see coming. A symphony of flavors, where the chili flakes dance a tango with maldon salt, and the lemon offers a zesty encore. It's a narrative of textures and tastes, garnished with the freshness of cucumber and the vibrant hues of pink radish 🥑🍞.

The decor whispers tales from yesteryears, with black and white photographs bearing witness to epochs gone by. The wallpaper is like the vivid cover of a graphic novel, telling tales without words. It's an ambiance that is as much a feast for the eyes as the coffee is for the palate 🖼🎨.

If ever you're wandering through Wynwood, seeking a chapter of calm amidst the bustle, or perhaps just a sublime cup of Joe, look for this gem. And like any good story, you'll find yourself returning, again and again, to relive the magic 🌟📖. Cheers to tales told over coffee! 🥂📚

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