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Angelina StarovoytovaAngelina Starovoytova
23:28 23 Oct 22
Visited Floyd first time for iii afterparty with great djs 10/23, but honestly I’ve never felt under so much pressure in my whole entire life.Security guy was walking around us chewing the gum and looking at us like at piece of ***. He was literally scanning me and my friend with his biased view, I felt like I’m in jail and was trying to put my mind into different place to enjoy the music, but no luck since he was circling around us standing in front of the dj, behind us and he walked through couple times pushing us.Like come on people. We are going to your place to enjoy the music and have fun, not to be under the pressure, feel judged and feel like pice of ***
Mike WilsonMike Wilson
21:00 28 Sep 22
What a great way to spend a beach day in Miami. Much more chilled than South/Miami Beach with a real paradise island feel. There’s plenty of parking (around half is shaded) and large grass areas with shade, picnic tables and fixed BBQs for families to use. The beaches are clean and there’s plenty of space to set up. There are also plenty of shaded areas under the palm trees if you prefer to get out of the sun. It’s also worth saying that the sea here can be well suited to kids, its very shallow out to around 100m and doesn’t come above the knees.
01:50 30 Aug 22
The club with a very small Hall, almost no girls inside. The atmosphere of a close Metro car with loud music. Entrance ticket $40, stack rum $17. It was enough 15 minutes to understand what there was nothing to do, after gone to another place.
Nicole SaretteNicole Sarette
06:26 14 Nov 21
The cover was $40, which wasn’t terrible. But the cost of my drink kept changing depending on the bartender (a vodka sprite was between $16-$18). But the thing that gets it a 2 star is the music. It seemed like the exact same song for 2 hours. It wasn’t good for grinding and it wasn’t good for fast dancing either. It certainly was music, but kinda just enough energy to kinda slightly bounce. Most people weren’t really dancing much tbh.
Haru De MasiHaru De Masi
15:03 18 Jan 19
The place is absolutely cool, the sound is perfect, the atmosphere great. Best place in Miami to listen to music (electronic mostly) chill and dance too. It’s a small and friendly place. I strongly recommend it. Just to music lovers. If not leave room for us.

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Floyd has taken over the former Libertine space and introduced an elevated after- hours experience to the neighborhood’s24/7 party circuit. As the retired companion to Miami’s most ignominious EDM spot, Space, Floyd stands in discrepancy to theover-the-top megaclubs that compass it — suppose chandeliers rather of spotlights and amalgamations over Redbull. It gets enough cotillion - y on the weekends but you can find some jazz then sometimes and other programming outside of Anchorpeople. The stylish part? It’s open just as late as the other guys and it's got lounges for plenitude of late- night moping.

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