Enriqueta’s Sandwich Shop
Albert GAlbert G
13:28 04 Nov 22
11/2/22Don’t know what happened with the customer service in this place, which used to be my favorite spot for breakfast and lunch. I came for breakfast but right at the bat, not greeting, but instead the waitress gave me that evil look just because I asked a question about the menu. After that, not a single word from her, not thank you or have a lovely day. Maybe she was upset since she was the only one working at that moment, or maybe they didn’t have enough employees, or, who knows, she was a short lady with a ponytail. Hopefully not all the employees in this place are like that. Food was okay though. I forgot to mention I had to wait 10 minutes until they opened, even though their sign says they are supposed to open by 7 a.m. Just something to keep in mind if you don’t want to be late for work.
Sonia I. CastellanosSonia I. Castellanos
16:48 02 Nov 22
If you want a fast service, not too loud that you can actually engage in a nice conversation with your friends without listening the waitresses yell at each other from point A to point B, and also want a great service, do NOT come to this place. And don’t you have the audacity to ask nicely for extra butter because you’ll get a disgusting service. Yes, the pic is of the butter we asked. No one deserves to be served in such unprofessional manner. The waitress was nice but she needs some advise, well, all of the employees.
Mauro RuiniMauro Ruini
14:38 11 Aug 22
We drove from West Palm Beach to try this place! O course, we made it a whole day after that. Enriqueta’s: one of the most traditional and authentic eateries in Miami. It’s a family tradition, it’s a homey place in the best meaning of the word and it’s real, no BS here.If you go to Enriqueta’s for the first time, these are the quick things to keep in mind:1) parking is tough in the small lot, go across the street, there is always plenty2) you got to have their Cubano, a great Cuban sandwich and get the one with the croquette inside3) also try the pan con lechon sandwich, another classic4) be patient, wait can be long; this place is always packed, we had a long wait at the small counter and it was around noon in summer, so there are plenty of locals going there, not just the winter tourists.The Cubano sandwich was great; the pan con lechon came second at”good”. Those sandwiches are big, and they were more than enough for us, didn’t get anything else. Service took some time, but we were fine, enjoying the scene and the waiting staff was courteous. Keep in mind they also have a “ventana”, that’s window service and there always a line in there too.Something that caught my attention was that the ladies in the kitchen were rushing, cooking this and that nonstop and they were smiling, joking with each other, seeming to have a good time, in spite of the very fast pace they had to keep. Definitely not something you see every day, I guess they are well treated there.Last but not least, prices are very reasonable so Enriqueta’s makes not only for a tasty lunch but also for a cheap one. There is nothing not like here.I will surely be back.
Spencer BarrettSpencer Barrett
16:29 23 Jun 22
Great views and good quality food. Service was kind and very fast, but they bordered on annoying as they were at the table refilling water or taking plates or exchanging silverware every 3-4 minutes. Though the food was good, it was wildly overpriced.We got one appetizer, 2 entres, and 1 desert. With the bottled Evian water and built in gratuity, the bill was $180. Somewhat outrageous price for the quality and quantity of food.
Cristina VasquezCristina Vasquez
22:03 19 Sep 21
The food here was excellent. It was so good we decided to go back for breakfast. Highly recommend. The Cubano had so much flavor best I ever had! The breakfast was so fresh and tasty. Loved the coffee and toast. It was not crowded when we went in and we went around 10 and 12. I didn’t have any problems with the staff. Can’t wait to go back to Miami just to stop in again.

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This amazing restaurant invites you to indulge your palate's cravings with every bite. Their fresh ingredients are elevated to be exquisitely refined in every way.


This amazing restaurant invites you to indulge your palate's cravings with every bite. Their fresh ingredients are elevated to be exquisitely refined in every way.


It is headed by Bravo’s Top Chef Season 13’s Winner, Chef Jeremy Ford. When the show was filmed, he was Jean-Georges Vongerichten's right-hand man at the Matador Room in Miami Beach. A Florida native, the 32-year-old chef also studied under Ludo Lefebvre in Los Angeles. He has been devoted to cooking since he met his maternal grandmother at the age of 14. 

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