Do Not Sit On The Furniture
04:30 06 Jan 23
Did not have a good experience here. Bought the ticket and bouncer stopped me for a dress code that was not listed on the website or on the ticket itself. I asked for a refund and the bouncers were again refusing to even provide refund for not letting me in at 12am. It was the girl at reception and the manager that solved the issue.After getting in at 12:30AM right after New Year, I found exactly 5 people in the entire room, yes, 5 people except the staff. It was a small room sure but 5 people made that room seem huge. Other reviewers pointed this out and they were right. There are no one here.The drinks were the worst experience I had in Miami, the margarita was almost water with 90% of the small cup they used filled with ice, on top of this, they charged me gratuity for this, which is unbelievable. I don’t know who that bartender was but he should not be allowed to serve.The music was okay, but everything else just took the fun out of it. I advise you to stay away from this place.
Benjamin LitherlandBenjamin Litherland
07:28 06 Oct 22
Most European feeling club I’ve been to America, reminds me of some of my fave places in Berlin or Madrid. It’s much, much smaller than the other super-clubs in Miami, and it still has the table service stuff round the edge (which I’ve never really understood or liked about US clubs), but the dance floor was full of cool people there for the very, very good DJ and music. Drinks were expensive, but no more or less so than the rest of South Beach. Most importantly, it’s the best sound system I’ve ever heard in any venue anywhere, and the decoration was also really wonderful.
Tony BTony B
15:40 02 Sep 22
Decent club, but much smaller than I thought, with a very young crowd. The night I went, I’d say that 90% of the crowd was in their early 20s.I’ve been to some amazing clubs in the US and Europe, and this one is just about OK, but nothing special.
20:31 27 Aug 22
This place is fire! The music is fantastic. They always have the best DJ. We were there on Friday night. The club is intimate and the sound system is top notch. It also has a nice garden where you can chill from time to time. The staff was very friendly, they kept checking on us to know if we needed anything. I would give them 10 stars if it was possible!
Nita GordonNita Gordon
15:16 19 Jul 22
Don’t show up 30 minutes before the said closing time because they will be closed early!

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And the award for stylish café name goes to! This spot on the sand is consummately decorated, lined from ceiling to bottom with gold- painted mail videotapes and a cotillion bottom outgunned with a glowing flying goblet for a light institution. Designed more for dancing than sitting( hence the name), it's packed tight and kept veritably dark, except for those moments the institution flashes and illuminates everything around you. incompletely possessed and operated by internationally renown MC- patron Behrouz and Electric Pickle’s Will Renuart, Do Not Sit has earned a character for top- league guest acts and underground sensibilities — no personality allowed.

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