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Dante's HiFi
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Akilah CAkilah C
02:33 26 Nov 22
Beautiful room, very nice vibe. Love the art around the building. No bathroom inside. Reservations are nearly required. Wide selection of music, so it was surprising and a bit disappointing to hear mostly hip hop. The sound is diminished by loud guests, and the room does not seem to have been built for the system. We had to send our first round of drinks back but our next round was delightful.
Jordan RyanJordan Ryan
03:53 15 Aug 22
Good vibes every time I go. Great cocktails. What else do you need?
17:09 08 Apr 22
Much love and respect from Philly DJ fam to Rich Medina but unfortunately we did not have nearly as good of a time. Don’t get me wrong: the intimate vibe, the sound system, the record collection, and the curated all-vinyl DJs were fantastic. However, the management and bar staff were rude and information regarding the reservation process was confusing and evidently incorrect/out-of-date. The website and reservation confirmation email states that “a reservation is for a 1.5 hour seating with the amount credited in beverages during the time of your reservation”. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we arrived late (although entirely within the time of the reservation) and management informed us that the beverages are only credited “up to 45 minutes from the start of the reservation” and did not apply to the full 1.5 hours that you pay for. In addition if you aren’t able to be seated for whatever reason outside of your control, they will not be able to apply your reservation credit towards drinks. The woman at the door told us we could “go complain to customer service”. There is no phone number of any way to call the venue in case anything happens, the only way to contact is via email. I’m sure the cocktails are good but we didn’t have any as we felt cheated out of the experience. I recommend checking the place out if only for the music and the vibes, but beware YMMV when booking a reservation.
17:03 03 Apr 22
Danteā€™s HiFi was an extraordinary experience, especially when you go on a weeknight right when they open. You have the whole place to yourself. Curated mixologist cocktails with an amazing vinyl collection complete with vacuum tube receivers, what more do you need?Reservations recommended.
Len OppenheimerLen Oppenheimer
12:01 09 Dec 21
I’ve been wanting to get to a listening bar for a long time and Dante’s place was super cool. Glad I made it my first one. You never forget your first!

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Stepping into this place was akin to embarking on a rhythmic journey, with every sip of a drink feeling like a note in a symphony šŸøšŸŽµ. On our first venture, the ambiance was as soothing as a classic vinyl, caressing the senses with its soft croon. But, as Friday night unfolded, the place transformed, pulsating with an energy that was contagious; it was the kind of electric charge you'd find in a rock concert, or perhaps in the charged pages of a gripping novel šŸŽ‰šŸ“–.

It's quite the paradox, really. How one establishment can feel like the embrace of an old friend on a leisurely evening, and then switch to being the heart of the party when the weekend dawns šŸ•ŗšŸ’ƒ. Such versatility in ambiance is a rare gem in Miami's bustling nightlife.

Navigating the drink menu was like browsing a bookstore - each option more intriguing than the last. And then, there was Preston, the maestro behind the bar, who seemed to have an uncanny knack for whipping up concoctions that not only tantalized the taste buds but also sang a tune of their own šŸ¹šŸŽ¶.

Yes, it gets packed, like a bestseller flying off the shelves, but the atmosphere is so intoxicating that the crowd simply feels like a part of the narrative. Every individual, a character, every drink, a subplot.

So if you're leafing through the pages of Miami's nightlife or perhaps, literally, flipping through a travel guide, earmark this spot. Because this isn't just another bar; it's a narrative of nights well spent, of laughter shared, and of memories etched in the golden hue of a cocktail šŸ·šŸŒƒ. Cheers to many more chapters! šŸ„‚