Cerveceria La Tropical
Cerveceria La Tropical
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Platano MarcPlatano Marc
15:32 16 Jan 23
The entrance leads you to a nice patio that has a lot of plants and shade. Inside the brewery you can see the reflective beer tanks and the ambient in the bar is nice.?However, as a craft beer person, their description for their beers, a side from it’s categories, are completely misleading. They add a list of notes yet it taste like a regular [add beer type here].?I was here Sunday afternoon. Service at a table took awhile for beer and a plate. A friend cancelled his order since it never appeared after 1.5hrs later. I was able to get my drinks and plate after a while. We were informed the kitchen was backed up.?‍♂️Summary: place looks great, prices are as any other brewery for beer, cocktails are $14 with an unlimited option of craft beer cocktail for $40 for 2 hours. Only beer cocktail that was good was ‘beer-mosa’. Expensive.I am unlikely to return to this brewery.?
Susan BalliSusan Balli
15:40 30 Oct 22
Always a must when I visit! The draft is straight from the tank and all really great. The inside is beautifully designed and impeccably clean. The outside is absolutely gorgeous and the different orchids make is smell amazing!!
Adriana RuiniAdriana Ruini
18:37 05 Aug 22
I really liked this place.The entrance between two big historical-looking columns and amazing murals is impressive, and opens to their outdoor space: a nicely landscaped garden and patio, nicely landscaped with a stage for live music and an outdoor bar.The interior is huge, you can tell that it was created from a warehouse, yet it has a great ambience and décor.All their tables all big (“Oktoberfest-style”), and there is a long bar facing the brewery in the back, which is visible from anywhere thanks to its glass walls.That day they had three “tank-to-glass” beers. I tried the Tropiflaca, and found it very refreshing.I also tried the Berry Blush, reluctantly I must say because normally these fruity beers are too sweet for my taste; however, to my surprise, it was a great beer and not at all sweet!They also offer food, but we had just had lunch; therefore we passed on it: we will definitely try it next time though.Parking is very difficult to find. There is big parking lot in front of the brewery but it is so expensive that I don’t even know if it would be worth it even if you’d stay there all day long…I look forward to going back!

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Navigating the vastness of this place felt akin to discovering a new continent – sprawling expanses that just beckon you to explore 🌍. From the cozy indoors to the breezy outdoors and even a serene garden space, it's a veritable playground for those looking to kick back and dine. And goodness, dine you shall! With a menu as vast as an epic novel, every palate, from the voracious carnivore to the discerning vegan, will find its calling 🍔🥗.

Now, navigating through a menu of such amplitude could be as challenging as decoding ancient hieroglyphics. But fear not! The service, given the place's magnitude, is nothing short of a revelation. Enter the heroic servers, armed with the wisdom of a seasoned sommelier and the enthusiasm of a child in a candy store. Their knack for tailoring recommendations ensures you're not just eating, but embarking on a gastronomic adventure 🍷🍴.

Such capacious venues might often fumble when it comes to the personal touch, but not here. Whether you're planning a merry soiree with a raucous group of friends or a tranquil brunch in sun-dappled spots, the ambiance adapts, almost chameleon-like 🦎.

To marry this with live tunes, serenading your culinary journey, and an ambiance that oscillates between electric and soothing – well, it's the stuff of daydreams 🎶🌸. The staff, the unsung heroes, seem to have sipped a secret potion that marries professionalism with genuine warmth.

In summation, it's not just a venue; it's an experience, an expedition into the heart of fine dining, punctuated by delightful surprises at every turn. Cheers to many more tales brewed over sumptuous meals in this haven! 🥂🌿.