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06:30 12 Feb 23
Much better places to go. Security just got a problem, trust. If you look like you winning, security just don’t want you alive. If your deep don’t come here, security will get intimidated and try justifying reasons to confront you. Didn’t work in my case but found the attempt at confrontation hurtful.
16:24 07 Dec 22
Usually free to enter when it’s early, the music is great and the drinks are decent priced if you get there a little earlier. I got there at around 11pm one night and two drinks were about $19 as the night went on my same two drinks were $36. I don’t know if there was a happy hour earlier or not but that happened. Decent spot to hang out with friends before going to another place I think.
Jake LanskeyJake Lanskey
16:57 15 Nov 22
I love this place!! Always a good vibe. I love the music and always bring my out of town guest! Sundays are my favorite
Michelle SotoMichelle Soto
00:42 15 Nov 22
I love the place! Love the music they play, my favorite night is Sundays! They have headphones where you can switch around different stations to hear the different DJ’s they have playing that night! And the hookah is amazing and specialty drinks too!!
Jackie JohnsonJackie Johnson
17:58 13 Nov 22
We were so excited to come from out of town and visit , unfortunately we were highly disappointed!!!!!!!! They dropped our bottles off and never returned to refill juice, ice or hookah. After we found someone to bring service to our table she was very annoyed that we asked for new juice due to some weird particle floating inside insisting “it’s just pulp”. When we requested a hookah fill no one came for an hour, when we were able to get and employees attention again to let her know we were still waiting for hookah and ice she pointed at the hookah station and said,” you might as we’ll go get your own nobody feels like doing all that” ( after paying $800 dollars for a section I was really told to go get my own hookah and my own ice from the bar ) I have never had such terrible bottle service out of all the places I traveled.Now let’s get to security!!!! They were rude and rough upon arrival . The bathroom lines were crazy long (which expected when there is two one stall unisex bathrooms) we had two people ahead of his which means we were next to use the bathroom. Security came and bum rushed in front of us and escorted 6 girls to go before us allowing them to completely cut the line !! After asking how they thought that was right and what priority status they had to completely skip a line of 20 people . Other people in line were upset as well and security was screaming at us to relax and pointed to a tip bucket and said who ever wants to go next can make a contribution.Another note … half the bottle service staff was hanging out in the section next to us and the other half was in the closet near the bathrooms sitting down.

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Your Brick experience probably depends on when you go. If you check it out while the sun is still out—perhaps a post-work happy hour—then you'll find a relaxed atmosphere. The crowd, trendy and young, sip beer and cocktails in the sun (Brick is almost entirely an outdoor bar). If you head over on a weekend night, the atmosphere is decidedly more intense. Brick becomes a hip-hop dance party that sometimes has a line stretching out the door.  

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