Booby Trap
23:37 07 Jan 23
Where do I even begin ? SinceWorking here the house mom has been trying to scam me . Was told the day before house fee is 250 before 12 I get there at 11:30 the house mom told me it’s 300 even though she just told the other Spanish dancers 250. I also was in a section where they threw at least 10kIt was 6 girls we only got 900 each .Then the next day I was in the 
VIP the customers threw AT LEAST 5k we only got 300 each. As a black dancer you really don’t get no break . . .I worked from 11-5 am paid 250 in house fee just to get $300 . We weren’t allowed to leave the section . The club didn’t start picking up until 3 am . The fact that we can’t count our own section money the bouncers take it and bring it to the office out of our sight for the money that we worked for is just weird .
18:15 29 Dec 22
$100 entrance fee. nowhere to sit in the crowded club. bouncers became FURIOUS at women who were patrons and not strippers, when we would stand around. as if there’s any other place to go (floating perhaps?) shoved by dancers left and right. i don’t know how they do it, when they don’t even have a dedicated dance time or when the money is being thrown around on the floor to the point where it’s a hazard for someone to walk on. and to see the dancers crouch down and get their money off the floor like a bunch of stray does management expect patrons to give money when the cover fee is ridiculous for subpar performances. there was only one good dancer and my friends and i tipped her well. but other than that this club has nothing to offer.
Maria LezcanoMaria Lezcano
23:47 26 Dec 22
0 stars is what it deserves.This place is probably one of the worse strip clubs in have ever been to. When you arrive they attempt to charge you $100 to park out front . Then you walk into they only take cash for the entrance. The front counter won’t even greet you.. they have a sign that say “ cash only $40”. While the girl sits in a chair on her phone.They do not honor military discounts.We were there for about 2 hours and they main stage was empty most of that time only 1 girl went up there.Dirty ! Terrible staff ! No strippers . Don’t waste your time !
vishal mishravishal mishra
06:35 24 Dec 22
This is the worst experience I ever had in Miami…staff is robbing the client..First of all security ask for 40 dollars for 1 person as a entry fee and when I gave him 100 for 2 person he took that money and put in his own pocket and give me 20 dollars back mean while other guest standing their and trying to pay less and later on security allow them in less price.After that we moved to bar where bar tender mentioned that 50 dollars is minimum,Anyway I ordered jack and coke which they charged me 33 dollars cash each drink.crazy and very unprofessional behaviour.Definitely not going back and suggesting other people to don’t go as well.
Francis PetrieFrancis Petrie
23:12 17 Sep 22
Zero stars. Do not work/ party here. Especially if you do not speak Spanish. They will scam you. First day on the job was “trained” by a server who could care less what you were doing. A customer requested dances for me & somehow I ended up with 40% of what I charged. The servers that translated for me (because customer didn’t know English) told me I owed them money, because customer came from their section- come to find out that club doesn’t operate that way. I Left before any casualties. Kevin the manager has yet to respond to messages & how I will be paid. 0/10 they will take advantage of you don’t know Spanish

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Booby Trap On The River is a unique strip club located in an idyllic location with boat dockage available 24/7. The club is open 24/7, making it a great option for those looking for late-night entertainment. Happy Hour is available from 12 noon to 7 p.m., during which customers can enjoy drinks at 2 for 1, as well as a free lunch menu.

Booby Trap On The River boasts over 100 entertainers daily, ensuring that customers will always have a great selection of performers to choose from. Customers can also take advantage of the $150 bottle specials available from 12-7pm, as well as hookahs and a full kitchen available 24 hours a day.

The club features 24 VIP bottle sections, as well as an outside air-conditioned patio with VIP bottle sections, providing clients with a quieter experience if they desire. You never know what celebrities you may run into at the River, adding an element of excitement to your visit.

For those interested in joining the entertainment team, dancer auditions are held every Wed and Thurs from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. Additionally, any group of 8 with paid entry from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. Mon-Thurs can receive a free 750 ml bottle.

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