Basement Bowl & Skate
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Yuli YoungYuli Young
00:01 28 Aug 22
Cool place and nice place to bring a group of friends to chill and play and have a good time. But the bouncer is a rude guy, if you’re less than a certain party size he makes u feel unwelcome and tries to get you out.Stayed to bowl and left, bar looked cool but he took us out of the mood to drink and have fun
Fede CarrizoFede Carrizo
13:04 21 Jun 22
Amazing bar and cocktails. Also you can play bowling and ice skate
Antonella MoralesAntonella Morales
07:11 16 Jan 22
It was great! You have a beautiful view of the city. The food is really good. It was warm & very flavorful. The ambiance is wonderful, the music is good. It’s high enough to enjoy when you’re alone, but low enough that you can talk to a friend. The drinks were great, sweet, but had a good kick of alcohol.All in all, it was a great experience & it was well worth the price.
Lakesha RameyLakesha Ramey
00:12 15 Aug 21
This place had a bowling alley ice rink bar club and more ….I didn’t want to leave…bt I’m broke lol but Luxury at its best! Don’t even think I was suppose to be in there? thanks for letting me in tho
19:18 14 Aug 18
I think we went on the wrong day!!!! This place was fun for the wrong reasons. We had pre drank so we were all ready for a party however when we got there, it was a bowling alley with very few people dressed up like us. We laughed away and took loads of pictures of the deco – which to be fair was really nice. If we was not in heels perhaps we could have played a game of bowling or so but I’m sure we had gone on the wrong day! Oops! ( I think it was a Sunday).

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Prepare to be wowed as you walk through the beautifully repaired lobby of the EDITION on Miami Beach. But do n’t get distracted. Make a left wing and head down the stairs until you reach Basement, the ultra hipsterism café nestled underground. Indeed though it’s just a many times old, Basement has snappily come one of the hottest clubs on Miami Beach. And its success is thanks to one big, various thing personality. Bowling at Basement utmost clubs have a cotillion bottom. Many clubs have a bowling alley. But Basement isn't like utmost clubs, to say the least. The club has four technicolor blowing lanes that are a popular magnet for patrons. The lanes are open Thursday through Saturday. Guests can enjoy drinks and music while they roll and you can reserve your own lane at Basement’s website. Skating at Basement And just in case bowling is n’t your thing, Basement boasts another popular magnet an inner skating rink. We do n’t have a lot of those in Miami. The,000 square bottom rink is available to club guests and skates are available to rent. The ice frequently feels like a small club itself, lighting up in different tones of neon like an old academy disco. And do not worry people will not laugh when you eat it. Music at Basement The Anchorpeople at Basement infrequently fail to impress. On the weekends you ’ll hear a good quantum of hipsterism- hop and open format in addition to some good ol’ Miami house music. The cotillion bottom is big and generally full of persuading, beautiful people. sometimes, big names stop by. Carl Cox, Talib Kweli and further have performed.

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